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The Peace At Last Concert


Over the last few years organizations such as Peace is Possible Now, the Fellowship of Reconciliation and World Prayer Day have attempted to get the world to unite in a Moment of Silence for the cause of peace.  In 1992 this reached the incredible figure of a quarter of a billion people stopping at the exact moment of a New Year’s Eve and thinking about peace.  

In the year 2000, at exactly twelve midnight Greenwich Mean Time, the world invited in the Twenty-first century, some call it the Third Millennium, but we celebrated that when we brought in the year 2001.  On that evening we had a concert on the shores of the Swanee River in White Springs, Florida.

So join with us on December 31 at noon (EDT) as the music and poetry echo out from Bayside, Queens, New York.

As with the 1996 Olympics and the Tribute to Princess Di we look forward to the day when billions of the world’s people will share together in a moment of Silence for Peace.  The goal after that is for the whole world to join together at once so that we could actually witness the Earth moving closer to the Lawns of Heaven—as the Universe sings out a hymn in the miracle of this Holy Instant: 

 Peace at Last, Peace at Last, Thank God for Peace at Last”